CEFE 2017

"Very nice conference in a beautiful and peaceful place with a lot of foreign speakers". "A good opportunity for the development of scientific relations". "The place where culture and science blend in." These are the words, that participants have described the II. conference of the Central European Conference in Finance and Economics - CEFE 2017, held on 20-21 May. 09. 2017 that was organized by TUKE, Faculty of Economics in the premises of the training facility in Herľany.

The conference, organized at the 25th anniversary of the Faculty of Economics, has provided to its participants the opportunity to present, analyze and discuss a wide range of current issues in finance, economics and regional sciences, while at the same time enabling them to celebrate the quarter century of the Faculty of Economics in an unique and peaceful environment one of the world's unique geyser in Herľany. The second year was exceptional thanks to the rich participation of prominent foreign experts in academic, political and public life. Over two days, more than 110 participants have met, from the Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, Germany, Turkey, or even Morocco and Serbia, Ukraine, Romania, France and Slovakia.

After the opening of the conference by the dean assoc. prof. Michal Šoltés, PhD. Dean EkF, the plenary session took part and was led by the Vice-Dean for External Relations and Development assoc. prof. Marianna Siničáková, PhD., Foreign guests: prof. Dr. Alessandro Figus (Italy), prof. Mgr. Martin Kahanec, PhD., M.A. (Hungary), assoc. prof. Vladimír Rogalewicz, CSc. (Czech Republic), assoc. prof. Ihsan Cemil Demir, PhD. (Turkey) and prof. Dr. Srdjan Redzepagic (France) . The guests' speeches have sparked a rich discussion of several issues that were the subject of a debate between the conference participants in the afternoon in the individual sections. The sections were led by corresponding experts have enabled the participants to discuss current topics in the area of (1) economic problems and public finances, (2) finance and investment, (3) enterprise, business and start-ups, and special topic (4) healthcare management.

An important part of the conference was the Young Scientist Competition Section, which was designed for doctoral students and has created a space for presenting current research by domestic and foreign students. It has allowed them to exchange knowledge and ideas for future research and discussion of results with experienced researchers at international level. At the same time, the section offered an advantage for the students in the form of winning a prize for three best presentations. The Evaluation Committee, chaired by assoc. prof. Ing. Tomáš Želinský, PhD., was formed mainly by foreign experts. The Commission has awarded the following awards: Ing. Ľubica Štiblárová (EkF TUKE) for the first place, Ing. Lenka Senderáková (EkF TUKE) for the second place and co-authors Ing. Martina Bednářová and Ing. Agáta Marková (VŠE, Prague) for the third place. Award-winning contributions were awarded at the beginning of the Social Evening of the Conference. We warmly congratulate the winning authors.

An extraordinary event during the conference was the social evening that was celebrated by the 25th anniversary of the Faculty of Economics occasion. The conference evening was an unforgettable experience thanks to the food, folk music and the performance of the Raslavičan folk group from Raslavice, which has drawn all the participants of the conference into dancing. The "cherry on the cake" was the Herlany´s geyser, which eruption at 21:45 encouraged all the participants of the conference to leave the hall and enjoy this unique natural phenomenon embedded by a common photograph.

Thanks to the positive feedback from conference participants, can be the CEFE 2017 conference considered a success. It can be said that the event was an inspiration and a place for the emergence of new scientific partnerships and friendships. We believe that the next CEFE conference organized by the TUKE, Faculty of Economics will overcome the success of previous years.

Autor: Ing. Lucia Mihóková, PhD.
Zdroj: HALO TUKE: Štvrťročník Technickej univerzity v Košiciach, 2-2017/2018, online: http://web.tuke.sk/sipc/Halo/december2017/TUKE_HaloTU_december_web.pdf

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