CEFE 2017

We are inviting submissions of both theoretical and empirical research papers in the next four fields: Economic Issues and Public Finance, Finance and Investment, Business, Entrepreneurship and Start-ups, as well as a special topic for CEFE 2017 Health care management:

Finance and Investment Economic Issues and Public Finance
  • Personal finance (effects of tax policies, effects of credit on individuals, development of a savings plan, planning a secure financial future),
  • Corporate finance (capital budgeting, business valuation, financial modelling, cash-, inventory- and debtors management, investment management, financial risk management),
  • Financial services (financial intermediary, institutional investors, pension funds),
  • Financial economics (asset pricing, investment theory, financial markets and models).

  • Fiscal and monetary policy issues and challenges during the crisis,
  • Globalization and global imbalances,
  • Taxation and public spending,
  • International financial architecture,
  • Consumer choice and behavioural economics,
  • Public goods, externalities and the size of government,
  • Poverty and income inequality,
  • Lessons learned from economic history,
  • Economic theory on the crossroad.

Business, Entrepreneurship and Start-ups Health Care Management
  • Actual problems of SMEs,
  • Actual Business requirements and strategies,
  • Inclination to entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship education, Social entrepreneurship,
  • Start-ups needs and potential,
  • Incubators and incubation problems and activities,
  • Financing of Start-ups.

  • Evaluation of health policies, efficiency measurement and management of health care systems and institutions, eHealth,
  • Optimization of processes within health care institutions, quality measurement and management in health care system,
  • ICT and information system in health care institutions, socio-economic issues linked to long-term health care,
  • Forecasting of the "population global aging" impact,
  • Unitary and plural system issues of health care insurance.

CEFE 2015

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